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The jobs that an electrician in Melbourne can perform would depend on his field of expertise. However, there are a number of tasks that any adequately trained and licenced electrician would be able to carry out. Some of these are:

  • Wiring jobs: The laws in NSW prohibit anyone except a licensed electrician from undertaking wiring or rewiring jobs. Hence, if you need any wiring system installed in your home or need to rewire certain connections, an electrician would help you out.
  • Fault analysis and repairs: Professional electricians possess the equipment and the expertise necessary to detect problems and repair faulty connections effectively. If your connections or appliances are malfunctioning but you cannot figure out the cause, you would need the assistance of an electrician.
  • Installing switchboards: Switchboards must be installed professionally by an expert electrician. This is because the inhabitants of a home come in direct contact with the switchboard while using it. Any fault in the switchboard that can potentially cause a short circuit, which would be quite hazardous.

Other than these, the role of an electrician also includes the installation of circuit breakers, cable trays, power outlets and lighting. A trained electrician would be able to determine the requirements and specifications for a job and select the right equipment for it.

In order to officially identify as an electrician in Melbourne, a professional would first need to obtain a license. As we are a reputable company compliant with all the relevant regulations in Australia, we hire only licensed electricians. Thus, you may stay assured that your electrical systems would be in good hands when you hire our services. Apart from the license, our professionals also possess other necessary academic qualifications in this field.

Having undergone extensive practical training under the apprenticeship programs and Electrotechnology courses, each of our technicians is adept in handling various jobs. In addition to their qualifications, the years of experience that they possess are yet another factor that makes our electricians reliable. Whether you need a new wiring system designed, an appliance installed or repair works carries out, they would be able to help you out.

Hiring such qualified electricians comes with numerous perks. Experienced professionals can save you the hassle of recurring problems by providing you with more permanent solutions. Moreover, you wouldn’t have to worry about any legal hassle arising from getting an electrical job handled by an electrical without a valid licence.

Whether you need a new appliance installed or the wirings in your home modified, the only professional you should hire is a qualified electrician. Almost any electrical job involves certain risks and it would be best to trust a reliable professional in this field. After all, you wouldn’t want a fire to break out in your home as a result of an electrical accident. The trained and licensed electricians are aware of the risks and do everything possible to avert them.

A qualified electrician, especially one you hire from a reputable company would possess a wide range of equipment. This is what allows such experienced electricians to tackle any electrical problem effectively, apart from their experience in the field. We, for instance, equip our electricians with all the equipment they would need for a task. This not only ensures quick services, but also the safety of the property, the homeowners and the electricians.

In order to qualify for the licence and other credentials, an electrician would first have to prove his skills in the respective field. This requires them to possess extensive knowledge regarding the application of various tools. Most importantly, however, trying DIY methods or hiring an electrician without a license in Melbourne can potentially land you in legal trouble.

Currently, an impressive range of ceiling fans is available in Melbourne, varying in terms of design, performance, efficiency and other parameters. Thus, it is necessary to consider all these factors carefully before purchasing a ceiling fan. You would definitely want to choose one that matches the interior décor style and the theme of your home. Picking the right fan would significantly boost the aesthetics in the room.

You would want to pay special attention to the diameter of the fan, as it is one of the most important aspects. The diameter of the circle that the rotating blades of the fan create should not be too small or too large compared to the size of the room. While a fan of a small diameter wouldn’t keep a big room airy, a large fan in a small room would cause the airflow to hit the walls.

If you are trying to go for options that are cost-effective in the long run, you might want to spend a little extra to buy a more energy efficient fan. This would enable you to save a significant amount of money on electricity bills. If in doubt, you may always consult an experienced electrician. As they install and repair various fan types, they would be able to provide you with the necessary guidance.

An RCD, or a residential current device, is a major gadget that can keep the occupants of a home safe from electrical accidents. These devices are meant to monitor the electricity flow in a circuit and cut it off in case something goes wrong. Thus, you may get an RCD installed to protect the electrical circuits in your home. If a circuit somehow gets damaged, such as a wire getting cut during renovation works and the current flows in an unintended direction, the RCD will shut off the power supply.

RCD plays an important role in protecting homeowners and their families in case of electrical accidents. If a live wire gets exposed and a person touches it, it may potentially turn fatal due to a high-voltage electrocution. However, if the circuit stays protected by an RCD, the risks would be significantly lower as it would stop the current from flowing to the circuit as soon as the person touches the wire.

An increasing number of homeowners in Melbourne are installing RCDs due to the crucial role that it plays in keeping the property and the occupants safe. These devices have a success rate as high as 97%, which also makes them very reliable.

Homeowners are often confused regarding whether they should hire a licenced electrician to carry out an electrical safety inspection in their property. Such inspections can prevent major electrical accidents or faults from occurring, thus saving the property owners from hazards and expenses alike. The best times to have an inspection carried out are:

  • Before you purchase or sell a property
  • If certain power outlets are unusually hot to touch
  • If the electrical components are giving off a strange burning smell
  • After your home undergoes a renovation or you add a room
  • After installing an HVAC system
  • If power surges, dimming lights and tripped circuits are becoming a frequent problem
  • If your home is older than 25 years and hasn’t been inspected any time soon

Hiring an experienced electrician in Melbourne for inspections would grant you peace of mind as you would know that your property is safe from electrical accidents. Moreover, a professional in this field can detect a problem in the initial stages itself and fix it before it escalates. This would save you the hassle of having to arrange for repairs after a major fault in the appliances or wiring. Leading electrical service providers like us offer quick and reliable inspection services.

Home automation is a relatively new technology widely adopted by homeowners in Melbourne. It involves installing smart gadgets that are capable of working without human intervention. Home automation is particularly sought after by individuals who want to upgrade to a modern lifestyle. These automated appliances can ensure a luxurious and relaxing lifestyle at home. The elderly and the disabled find home automation to be helpful as well.

Home automation includes motorised curtains, security systems, automated lighting, air conditioning, heaters and more. These appliances remain connected to the internet and backed by intelligent systems. These allow them to function by themselves in a coordinated manner. For instance, you may install sophisticated home automation that would be able to disarm the security system, turn on the lights and lower the temperatures when you return home.

Installing home automation can indeed be quite beneficial. It is a futuristic feature that would increase the value of your property and ensure a lavish and convenient lifestyle. We can install a variety of home automation packages, thanks to the expertise of our electricians. You may hire our services to get yours installed successfully and safely. Quality installation services would save you from a number of hassles in the future.

Unless the electrical job is something as simple as changing a light bulb, it is highly advisable to seek professional assistance rather than trying to do it yourself. DIY methods would indeed save you the expenses of hiring an electrician. However, it should not come at the cost of your safety or that of your loved ones. A simple mistake while repairing a wiring can potentially turn into a disaster, which is why hiring a qualified electrician is always better.

It is also illegal in Melbourne for anyone except licenced electricians to carry out a majority of the electrical jobs, especially those that require wiring or rewiring. These include:

  • Installing ceiling fans
  • Replacing light switches and installing light fittings
  • Repairing electrical appliances
  • Replacing leads on appliances
  • Building an extension lead

There are still a few electrical jobs that you may do yourself, such as changing LED downlights, replacing blown out bulbs, installing low voltage garden lighting, etc. It is highly advisable to go through the Australian regulations before you take up an electrical job by yourself. Not complying with the regulations may land you in unnecessary legal trouble. If the job requires a licenced electrician, you may reach out to us.

In case you are wondering about how much you would have to shell out on hiring an electrician, the answer is a bit tricky. Electricians at different places charge different amounts for the same service. The main factor based on which the cost varies, however, is the job at hand. No electrician would charge the same price for a simple task and a much more complex one. Depending on the issue you want an electrician in Melbourne to fix, the cost may vary from around $60 to $120. This price range covers most of the electrical jobs for which homeowners hire professional electricians, such as installing lights, replacing light switches, repairing damaged cables, etc.

Quite naturally, the costs vary from one electrical service provider to another. Comparing the prices to find the most cost-effective option is indeed a good way to go about it. However, you might want to keep in mind that compromising on quality due to cost differences may not be a good idea. When it comes to electrical jobs, the quality of the service is directly linked to the safety of your family. Quality services from a leading service provider may cost you a little more, but it is totally worth it.

Indeed, the installation, maintenance and repair of data cables are a part of the range of services that we offer. In today’s world, any business in Melbourne that relies on local area network connections requires strong and reliable data connectivity. To achieve this, business owners install high-end data cables that are capable of delivering excellent speed and stability. As one of the best electrical service providers in the region, we offer reliable data cabling services.

The wide range of data cabling solutions that we offer is adequate to cover the requirements of almost any type of business. Our expert electricians would check out your property, requirements and systems to suggest a suitable cabling solution. You may rest assured that we use high-end cables that wouldn’t cost you unnecessary expenses on frequent repairs and downtimes. Moreover, we understand that even a small downtime can be detrimental to any business. Hence, we equip highly-skilled electricians with sophisticated tools, such that they can finish the job at the soonest.

Our technicians are expert in this field and can figure out personalised cable installation solutions for your business. This ensures optimal space utilisation, flexibility, convenience and cost-effectiveness. Most importantly, knowing that your business relies on high-grade cabling would ensure your peace of mind.

We happen to be one of the leading electrical service providers in Melbourne, with adequate manpower and equipment. This enables us to respond to emergency call-outs swiftly and effectively. After all, electrical emergencies require immediate attention. For instance, a short circuit can potentially lead to a fire and pose a hazard to life and property. Moreover, the risk of electrocution is always associated with electric accidents.

In case of an emergency, it would be wise to turn off the connection to cut off the power supply and prevent the situation from escalating. However, it is highly advisable to not try anything to fix the issue except what’s absolutely necessary to avert a hazard. Untrained handling during electrical emergencies can damage your appliances and wirings and can even result in a fatal accident.

We are available for emergency call-outs 24X7 and have helped numerous clients during electrical emergencies till date. Once you give us a call, our expert electricians would pay you a visit to take a look at the problem. They would get to work immediately and resolve the issue as soon as possible. This would help to avoid any major accident and get rid of inconveniences at the soonest.