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Electrical Household Threats in Melbourne

In the modern world, we rely very heavily on various electrical appliances and gadgets for convenience, comfort, communication and entertainment. All of these devices and equipment run on electricity.
While this is a necessity, sometimes, electrical household threats emerge, creating a hazardous situation on our property. However, you can reduce the possibility of such issues cropping up if you address electrical glitches the minute you notice them.

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Common Electrical Household Threats in Melbourne

These are some common household electrical threats:

  • Faulty home appliances
  • Defective electrical wiring
  • Wet hands when using electrical appliances and equipment
  • Damaged/worn our household powerpoints and power cords
  • Exposed high voltage power lines very close to the ground due to an accident or storm
  • Electrical appliances very close contact with water
  • Old style powerpoints
  • Incompatible powerpoints that can’t support heavy-duty appliances and equipment
  • Use of extension cords as a standard solution for missing powerpoints
  • Adventurous young children that try to fidget with electrical points
  • Light bulbs near curtains or other flammable items
  • Covered wiring & tightly packed electrical cords

One of the most straightforward ways to mitigate electrical household threats is by making sure that you get scheduled maintenance done. We are experienced and methodical in our approach in all projects. Our technicians will inspect all the fixtures, fittings and wirings on your property during the inspection.

24/7 Melbourne Emergency Electricians

If you have noticed any indication of lurking electrical issues, call us immediately. As a reputable and credible Melbourne electrical company, we are prompt in addressing any electrical emergencies that our clients might be facing.

We also encourage our customers to be alert so that they notice budding electrical problems before they get out of hand. Timely intervention and appropriate fixes can go a long way in creating safer environment on your property. If you notice signs of any electrical household threats, call the Elect First Melbourne team at this number 1300 590 584 immediately. We offer efficient and timely services to commercial and residential customers.

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With ElecFirst you can be so sure of on-time service that we even promise that if we're late, we'll pay you*. It's your assurance of punctual, convenient electricians that work around your schedule

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With ElecFirst you can be so sure of on-time service that we even promise that if we're late, we'll pay you*. It's your assurance of punctual, convenient electricians that work around your schedule

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